An independent assessment of your pest management system and contractor

About RiskAware360

Our Vision

We see International trends starting to focus on independent pest management auditing, and this is where RiskAware360 Ltd sees the future. If your business is seeking independent support and advice in relation to your pest management requirements or current systems and contractor, we can offer you a complete independent assessment.

Our Mission

To provide an independent pest management consultancy service for food, non-food, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across Ireland. To support single site and multi-site organisations and their supply chains, thereby helping client retention and new market development. To advise our clients on how to be compliant with legislation and industry regulatory standards in pest management.

Who Are We?

RiskAware360 Ltd is a consultancy firm that provides an independent inspection and auditing service. We also offer impartial advice for pest management related to public health issues in the food, non-food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We help clients minimise their exposure to risk from pest activity by providing a highly qualified and experienced pest management auditing and root cause analysis service.

We seek to safeguard brands and businesses from pest-related problems and help companies to maintain their high-quality standards in pest management.

RiskAware360 Ltd provides customers with insightful opinions and constructive advice in pest management matters; helping clients to remain compliant with company standards and regulatory codes of practice for the food, non-food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

We assist our clients in achieving the best possible service from their pest control contractors. By working closely with companies and their pest management contractors we raise awareness of pest management issues, improving standards of pest monitoring and pest management.

Our service helps clients to develop their business and to continuously improve their Quality Standards and pest management. We can provide a rapid response to problems when required and will provide a clear line of direction in the management of pest issues, especially in moments of crisis. If required, we can provide pest identification services along with an expert witness service and technical support in legal matters relating to pest management issues.

Our Team

The RiskAware360 team are industry experts and highly qualified with many years’ experience and auditing in the pest management industry. They are registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Our team has extensive knowledge of International standards and regulations relating to pest management from BRC, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, FDA, HPRA, FDA, IMB etc. and local legislation relating to CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use), Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Guidelines and Registration of Pest Management Users (PMU).