An independent assessment of your pest management system and contractor

Our Services

  • Technical Inspections & reports for pest related problems
  • Field Biologists Inspections and Reports
  • Pest Management Risk Assessments
  • Pest Awareness eLearning
  • Ecology & Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Bird Control Risk Assessment
  • Supply Chain Auditing
  • Expert Whiteness Services
  • Pre audit reviews and inspections.
  • Independent insect identification and foreign body analysis
  • Pest related Crisis management & Root cause analysis
  • Single site & multiple site assessments
  • Assessments of pest contractor performance


  • Training for Staff in Pest Awareness (Levels 1 – 5)
  • Training for your management team in relation to Pest Management and legislation
  • Industry specific bespoke training to suit the needs of your business


  • Advice for managers and your Quality Department responsible for onsite pest management
  • Advice and Training for Pest Control Providers (Technicians and supervisors)
  • Independent 3rd Party Biologists audits for Pest Management Providers
  • Pest Identification / Product Contamination Investigation / Foreign Body Investigation


  • Quality Assurance Pest Control Audits
  • Pest Management Contract Specification Reviews
  • Verification of compliance requirements of auditing bodies such as BRC, Tesco, FDA, HPRA, M&S, ISO, Soil Association, Bureau Veritas, IPCA
  • Guidance on implementation of EN:16636: 2015 – Professional Pest Management Standard

Supply Chain Risk Analysis

If you need to validate pest contamination risks throughout your supply chain, RiskAware360 can offer this service. We ensure that your suppliers, storage and distribution partners are meeting the same high standard as you to ensure a safe and pest free product. We deliver supply chain certainty through our auditing and certification services.