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The ProFly Flykiller Range

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The ProFly Flykiller range from RiskAware360 has been designed to cover all of your market needs. Our comprehensive range of both glueboard and electric grid units, offer our customers the best solution at a very competitive price. The units are eco-friendly, odour free and have modern and attractive designs. Robust, non-toxic and highly effective.

ProFly® is made up of the following five product lines, each one individually suited to the needs of the market sector it has been designed to serve.

  • Decorative Line
    Discreet units for front of house areas.
  • Industrial Line
    Highly-effective units for use in industrial settings.
  • Special Protection Line
    Approved units for industrial settings that carry a particular risk of explosion, water or airborne dust particles.
  • Insectocutor Line
    Low maintenance, high quality electric grid units.
  • LED Line
    A perfect complement to our existing range, utilising the latest LED technology.